70's Time Warp

Today's look felt like I'd stepped out of a time warp from the 70's thanks to this beautiful paisley print shift dress from Topshop.
I don't usually wear dresses or anything too girly as you can probably tell from previous posts, which are just parading jeans and jumpers but this was an exception.
I'd had my beady eye on this garment for a little while now and kept picturing the different options I could pair with it to fit my personal style.
I wore a plain black long sleeved Jersery top, again Topshop underneath and then black tights to make the dress the bold statement piece for my outfit.
It already is pretty loud but the black just gives it that extra definition!
Then I wore my black Select Fashion boots with gold zip detailing, just to break up the black theme running through.

Dress- Topshop            Black Top- Topshop            Boots- Select Fashion



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