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Yellow Cigarette Trousers

I've recently fallen for the bold palette when choosing new items for my wardrobe, which certainly brightens up all the greys and black I usually opt for. These mustard coloured cigarette trousers are from ASOS and were something ridiculous like under a tenner for such high quality, gorgeous looking trousers. I was also drawn to the fine detailing such as the rolled up cuffs, dominant pressed creases in the middle of each leg and the high waist fit, everything that makes a pair of trousers that little bit quirky and smart. I wore my Topshop black ribbed sweater, very basic and simple to compliment the yellow, with my denim jacket thrown over. On my feet are my patent black loafers from Select, another classic favourite that appears on my blog every week. Trousers- ASOS         Top- Topshop         Jacket- Topshop        Shoes- Select

Miss Guided Wish List!

I've decided to opt for a slightly different post for tonight than my usual old stuff. As a big fan of the blogger Lily Melrose ( I was inspired to create a Miss Guided wish list, which is basically like pretending to do a massive online shop yet no credit cards are harmed in the process. These are just a handful of some of my favourite pieces currently available on the Miss Guided website. All I can do is sit here and drool over the beautiful garments.. sigh. 1; Pink Culottes 2; Wrap Back Long Sleeve Top 3; Striped Cropped Jumper 4; Contrast Duster Coat 5; Chiffon Panel Shirt 6; Monochrome Sleeveless Blazer 7; Grid Cropped Jumper 8; Roll Neck Jumper

Polka Dots

For today's outfit of the day post I opted for my Forever 21 chiffon polka dot shirt, which is a little old but never can spots be out dated.. right? I then paired up my black formal joggers, from Topshop for ultimate comfort and added a complete laid back appeal to my outfit. This slouchy result screamed effortless and max coziness! To stick with the simple look I chose to wear my black and white skater shoes, also Topshop that kept the outfit very minimal yet added a dash of Urban chic. Of course I decided to add a bright, bold lipstick in the form of a Topshop lipstick, 'Hazard'. My blog displays many cases of my colourful lipstick choices that I feel add that much needed touch of colour some outfits crave. Shirt- Forever 21            Trousers- Topshop          Shoes- Topshop       Lipstick- Topshop (Hazard)

Black On Black

One of my all time favourite colour's took the spotlight in my outfit for today's post.. BLACK! I love the colour as it's so sophisticated yet edgy at the same time? Not quite sure how that works but it does! Today I wore my black cotton and mesh jumper from Forever 21, which was my 'look alike' version of the Topshop layered jumper. Pretty similar just a different use of material, which I'm really not fussed over and for a fraction of the price it was perfect! I then wore my disco pants from Boohoo and then my NewLook boots in a gorgeous tan colour.  I decided I needed to widen my colour palette in my shoe collection as it was very black and sometimes it's nice to mix it up a little by adding another colour? So I've opted for tan.. These boots are so so beautiful, however you have to plan when you'll be wearing them as they do start the achy pain in the ball of your foot after a long wear. But I am determined to push through and break these bad boys! Acce…

Duster Jacket + Dog Tooth

I've been layering up with my duster jacket from Miss Guided recently in a gorgeous burgundy colour, which is perfect to throw over any thick knit jumper. I'm emphasizing the word thick seeing as it's just began showing hints of snow down South and therefore wrapping up is essential. I matched my jacket up with my wet look leggings from ASOS for slightly edgy appeal and my newest shoe for my ever growing collection. These skater shoes are from River Island and are a speckled grey and white with a chunky gold chain strapped across, nice and easy to slip on and wear throughout a busy day, plus they're one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I've ever purchased that haven't murdered my feet within the first few wears. I've never bought River Island shoes before so these are my experiments to see if I should snap up a couple of new pairs for my collection. I then wore my chunky knitted jumper from Topshop, which is pretty anchient, possibly three years old?.. Last…

Oversized Knitwear

Oversized knitwear was the number one priority for this outfit of the day post. There was no way I could get through the bitter weather without this bad boy!  My jumper is a thick knitted piece from the NewLook sale and is actually a size 18, which in my opinion, the bigger the better. I decided to go for a bigger size because I'm practically obsessed with anything oversized and seeing as this jumper is supposedly a cropped style, I thought I'd just go bigger for a different look. I then layered up with a blue, red and grey tartan scarf from Miss Guided for extra warmth and accessorizing. Joni jeans from Topshop in a dark washed navy and my patent brogues from Select Fashion finished off my outfit, as well as Topshop metallic socks. I wasn't too keen on this style choice to begin with as socks aren't something I usually wear (ew!) but then I thought I'd suck it up and try something new.

Jumper- NewLook           Jeans- Topshop (Joni)       Scarf- Miss Guided         Sho…

My First Faux Fur

This is called my skunk jacket. You may notice it resembles the fur of a skunk (of course not real!) and therefore has been named my skunk jacket.. I've also received several other animal names since this outfit of the day post, such as collie and gorilla coat. Never the less.. I LOVE THIS JACKET. It was a Topshop gem at £15 in the sale and was a little daring for me personally. I never usually like the faux fur look but I thought I'd try something a little out of my comfort zone and this was my first steps result. As well as being super warm and snug it adds a touch of glamor to my outfit. I then wore wet look leggings, ASOS and black Chelsea boots, NewLook to finish off my look as well as a cream chiffon shirt, also Topshop.

Jacket- Topshop          Leggings- ASOS       Boots- NewLook         Shirt- Topshop

70's Time Warp

Today's look felt like I'd stepped out of a time warp from the 70's thanks to this beautiful paisley print shift dress from Topshop. I don't usually wear dresses or anything too girly as you can probably tell from previous posts, which are just parading jeans and jumpers but this was an exception. I'd had my beady eye on this garment for a little while now and kept picturing the different options I could pair with it to fit my personal style. I wore a plain black long sleeved Jersery top, again Topshop underneath and then black tights to make the dress the bold statement piece for my outfit. It already is pretty loud but the black just gives it that extra definition! Then I wore my black Select Fashion boots with gold zip detailing, just to break up the black theme running through.

Dress- Topshop            Black Top- Topshop            Boots- Select Fashion