Pink & Dog Tooth

Once again- I've been faffing about with new laptops and old computers to try and condense everything onto one and therefore have neglected my blog.
I'm currently in the process of dragging and dropping every teeny tiny file on my 10 year old desktop computer onto my brand spanking new HP laptop.. but it takes foreverrrrrr!
Anyway, here's my outfit of the day post for you to have a little read, or just look through the photo's, which I tend to do on other blogs.
 First off, I wore an ancient pink knitted jumper from NewLook, which I've had hidden away for years. I still love this jumper because of the boxy fit and have never been able to replace it.
I then wore my dog tooth print cigarette pants from Topshop, which I've mentioned before in my blog but quite a while back. (Another thing that has been neglected!)
Lastly, I threw on my boyfriend fit coat, again Topshop and my black heeled boots from NewLook. I have recently purchased several new styles of boots but have yet to upload an outfit of the day wearing them.
Perhaps I'll just photograph them instead and write a little about each one?
I do have more than one set of shoes I swear!

Jumper- NewLook      Trousers- Topshop      Coat- Topshop       Shoes- NewLook


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