Burgundy Duster Coat

I recently went a little too crazy over on Miss Guided's website and spent a large sum of money on once again more clothes.. oops.
Therefore, what better way to make my self feel a little more satisfied that these clothes were indeed necessary than to feature them in my outfit of the day?!
I therefore give you my new burgundy duster coat, which is an item I never pictured myself wearing. I'm not a huge fan of cardigans or anything that sits quite baggy with an open front. 
I think this is because I'm slightly top heavy so it makes me feel a little conscious that by wearing something open and oversized it would add more to my top half.
But.. I thought I would give it a go as the duster coat looked too adorable to give it a miss.
I am ridiculously pleased that I stuck with my gut instinct as it's a perfect item to throw over any outfit for a final, finished touch.
 If you're unsure about throwing a shirt or cardigan over then perhaps try a duster coat as they can add a little elegance to your outfit as well as keeping you cosy without the weight of a coat.
They're more of a jacket to be honest as the material is much thinner but not enough to make you chilly.
I then wore my black Joni jeans from Topshop as well as a black deep neckline blouse, again Topshop.

Duster Coat- Miss Guided          Jeans- Topshop (Joni)          Blouse- Topshop        Boots- Select



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