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90's Victoria Beckham

Here in England it's currently the morning of Christmas Eve, even though in other parts of the world people are tucking into their turkeys already, nursing hangovers and celebrating with loved ones. Anyone else think that's totally crazy? My outfit of the day post was a very elegant attire I felt, even though it was unintentional.  I wore my Topshop Jersey jumpsuit that I haven't really worn much recently and certainly haven't explored the thought of layering it up either for the colder seasons. Therefore I wore a Jersey ribbed high neck top that was also Topshop to create a very smart outcome. Almost like a 90's girl band? Maybe even a 90's Victoria Beckham? I wore my new Chelsea boots, which I spotted in the NewLook sale at an incredible £12, which for a pair of beautiful everyday boots is worth every penny.  I wore MAC 'Impassioned' on my lips and that pretty much sums up today's look!

Jumpsuit- Topshop            Top- Topshop            Boots- NewLook

Roll Neck Knit

Currently I am sat listening to Taylor Swift, polishing off an Indian takeaway and feeling incredibly sorry for myself in my ridiculously comfy bed. Yes, I am hungover on a Monday thanks to a rather messy work Christmas party. My outfit of the day consists of a super sung roll neck knitted jumper from Topshop, which is an item I've been lusting over for some time. I love the idea of a roll neck, with a dainty necklace or bold lipstick! Originally I was leaning more towards a grey version but I thought navy would make a nice change to my grey obsession. Plus navy is another colour that goes with practically everything?! I then wore an oversized white t-shirt underneath to create a layering effect that just added a little something extra. Wet look leggings, ASOS and black boots, NewLook completed my outfit of the day as well as a coating of The Damned lipstick from Topshop.

Jumper- Topshop          Wet Look Leggings- ASOS         Boots- NewLook

Nautical Obsession

At the moment I'm seeing a LOT of stripes in the high street shops. Obviously stripe never goes out of fashion because it is such a classic print that can be very versatile and therefore I am obsessed with this pattern more than ever. Everything I seem to pick up to try on is.. striped.  So, to stick with my nautical obsession I wore a white and navy long sleeve top from NewLook that I tucked loosely into my MOM jeans from Topshop. I then wore my black and gold zip boots from Select and then my faux sheep skin coat from Topshop. I've been wearing this coat non stop recently as the suede lining is incredibly toasty in the bitter weather.  It's also another garment that can be worn with practically anything as it's super easy to throw on with any outfit. I then wore my MAC lipstick in the colour 'Girl about town', which is very similar to my other MAC lipstick 'Impassion' but with more of a purple tint to it.

Jeans- Topshop         Top- NewLook         Shoes- Se…

Burgundy Duster Coat

I recently went a little too crazy over on Miss Guided's website and spent a large sum of money on once again more clothes.. oops. Therefore, what better way to make my self feel a little more satisfied that these clothes were indeed necessary than to feature them in my outfit of the day?! I therefore give you my new burgundy duster coat, which is an item I never pictured myself wearing. I'm not a huge fan of cardigans or anything that sits quite baggy with an open front.  I think this is because I'm slightly top heavy so it makes me feel a little conscious that by wearing something open and oversized it would add more to my top half. But.. I thought I would give it a go as the duster coat looked too adorable to give it a miss. I am ridiculously pleased that I stuck with my gut instinct as it's a perfect item to throw over any outfit for a final, finished touch.  If you're unsure about throwing a shirt or cardigan over then perhaps try a duster coat as they can add a li…

Pink & Dog Tooth

Once again- I've been faffing about with new laptops and old computers to try and condense everything onto one and therefore have neglected my blog. I'm currently in the process of dragging and dropping every teeny tiny file on my 10 year old desktop computer onto my brand spanking new HP laptop.. but it takes foreverrrrrr! Anyway, here's my outfit of the day post for you to have a little read, or just look through the photo's, which I tend to do on other blogs.  First off, I wore an ancient pink knitted jumper from NewLook, which I've had hidden away for years. I still love this jumper because of the boxy fit and have never been able to replace it. I then wore my dog tooth print cigarette pants from Topshop, which I've mentioned before in my blog but quite a while back. (Another thing that has been neglected!) Lastly, I threw on my boyfriend fit coat, again Topshop and my black heeled boots from NewLook. I have recently purchased several new styles of boots but hav…