Pleated Layers

These are my firs photo's featured in my new home! Yay! Unfortunately I haven't quite nailed the lighting so this post has some very dark and strong contrasting photo's.. sorry!
Hopefully by my next post I'll have worked out which rooms create the best natural lighting.
My outfit for this post is aiming for maximum warmth thanks to us trying to be very good with our pennies and not put the heating on. You'll probably notice my outfits will consist more and more of oversized jumpers and big old wooly scarfs.
My jumper is a little bit of an old one from H&M, which I have featured in my blog before and is in a beautiful mustard colour, which goes with quite a lot.
I then wore, again an old, Topshop pleated top in a pinky/beige colour that created a layering effect with the fabric hanging from underneath my jumper.
I then wore the classic black disco pants from Boohoo that have been mentioned countless times on here and finally a pair of Topshop boots, which are one of the comfiest pairs I own.
They have a fleeced lining to make sure your feet are extra snug, perfect for day where you're constantly running about on your feet all day.

Jumper- H&M      Top- Topshop        Disco Pants- Boohoo         Boots- Topshop


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