Lush Cosmetics; Candy Mountain Bath Bar

I just wanted to share my most latest bath explosion of pink sweetness, courtesy of Lush Cosmetics.
I purchased a small collection of bath treats a couple of months ago and have decided to write up my overall opinion/experience about each one on my blog.
First off, I am a strong lover for anything sweet and sickly smelling and therefore the Candy Mountain bath bar was a perfect addition for my addiction.
It's incredible how far this tiny pyramid can go to create some pretty impressive bubbles by just breaking a segment off and crumbling into your bathwater.
The scent of the bar pretty much smelled of crushed up marshmallow in my opinion and certainly wafted the hidden ingredient of vanilla, which created a comforting aroma.
Apparently, the bath bar releases a pink mist as well as turning the water pink but unfortunately I had only just found this out after using my last piece on a bath a few days ago.. guess I'll have to buy another to confirm this?


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