I'm Back!

I've been absent from my blog for faaaarrr too long after a long old move and lack of wifi for several weeks. 
I'm still waiting on my computer to be connected up, which is why I've opted to steal my house mates laptop for now! (I hope she doesn't read my blog..)
I've also managed to dig out my last outfit of the day's from my camera before I start taking some new ones in my new surroundings.
This outfit consisted of my white and navy striped tunic from Topshop, which I layered up with a ridiculously fluffy white jumper from Primark.
Although I've always been a massive fan of the layering technique (yes yes you do go on!) I'm starting to appreciate how helpful layering up with a jumper is when you refuse to put the heating on knowing that you'll have to face the bill at the end of the month.
I then wore my super cosy tights, also Primark and then my black boots from NewLook.
A very simple outfit with a very effortless look!

Tunic- Topshop    Jumper- Primark     Boots- NewLook


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