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Lush Cosmetics; Candy Mountain Bath Bar

I just wanted to share my most latest bath explosion of pink sweetness, courtesy of Lush Cosmetics. I purchased a small collection of bath treats a couple of months ago and have decided to write up my overall opinion/experience about each one on my blog. First off, I am a strong lover for anything sweet and sickly smelling and therefore the Candy Mountain bath bar was a perfect addition for my addiction. It's incredible how far this tiny pyramid can go to create some pretty impressive bubbles by just breaking a segment off and crumbling into your bathwater. The scent of the bar pretty much smelled of crushed up marshmallow in my opinion and certainly wafted the hidden ingredient of vanilla, which created a comforting aroma. Apparently, the bath bar releases a pink mist as well as turning the water pink but unfortunately I had only just found this out after using my last piece on a bath a few days ago.. guess I'll have to buy another to confirm this? ..Oops.

Candy Mountain Bath Bar

Pleated Layers

These are my firs photo's featured in my new home! Yay! Unfortunately I haven't quite nailed the lighting so this post has some very dark and strong contrasting photo's.. sorry! Hopefully by my next post I'll have worked out which rooms create the best natural lighting. My outfit for this post is aiming for maximum warmth thanks to us trying to be very good with our pennies and not put the heating on. You'll probably notice my outfits will consist more and more of oversized jumpers and big old wooly scarfs. My jumper is a little bit of an old one from H&M, which I have featured in my blog before and is in a beautiful mustard colour, which goes with quite a lot. I then wore, again an old, Topshop pleated top in a pinky/beige colour that created a layering effect with the fabric hanging from underneath my jumper. I then wore the classic black disco pants from Boohoo that have been mentioned countless times on here and finally a pair of Topshop boots, which are one of …

Oversized Tartan Shirt

So I think I've finally got my trusty old desktop computer up and running WITH wifi!?! This is possibly a great day. My outfit consisted of an oversized chiffon shirt from Primark, which has a very faint tartan print to it. As it is slightly see through I wore a plain old white top underneath, which added a lovely layered effect. I then wore my black disco pants from Boohoo and then finally my black loafers from Topshop. This outfit was photographed a few weeks back as I certainly would not be able to dare the cold in just a shirt! But I probably would have thrown over my black boyfriend coat or possibly a denim jacket for extra warmth if this had been a recent outfit of the day! For the final touches I wore my rose gold chain necklace from Accessorize that I forgot I even had? I barely wear necklaces anymore, which is why I'm trying to explore my accessory side a little more.
Shirt- Primark        Disco Pants- Boohoo      Shoes- Topshop       Necklace- Accessorize

I'm Back!

I've been absent from my blog for faaaarrr too long after a long old move and lack of wifi for several weeks.  I'm still waiting on my computer to be connected up, which is why I've opted to steal my house mates laptop for now! (I hope she doesn't read my blog..) I've also managed to dig out my last outfit of the day's from my camera before I start taking some new ones in my new surroundings. This outfit consisted of my white and navy striped tunic from Topshop, which I layered up with a ridiculously fluffy white jumper from Primark. Although I've always been a massive fan of the layering technique (yes yes you do go on!) I'm starting to appreciate how helpful layering up with a jumper is when you refuse to put the heating on knowing that you'll have to face the bill at the end of the month. I then wore my super cosy tights, also Primark and then my black boots from NewLook. A very simple outfit with a very effortless look!

Tunic- Topshop    Jumper- Primar…