Something New & Blue

I have been a little absent from my blog recently and eager to get back into the Blogger spirit. My fingers are literally buzzing at the thought of writing up a new post.. it's been a while.
Unfortunately I'm unable to access internet at the moment as I've just..
I've finally taken the plunge and fled the nest, into a small little house with one of my closet friends.
Couldn't be more excited yet nervous as I'm dreading all these bills and food budgets I have to stick myself to. My wardrobe is sadly going to have to suffer a huge budget cut!
But hopefully this time next week I shall be back to normal with my regular blog posts as well as some sneaky pictures of the house, I'm very house proud and what to show you as much of the house as I can without boring you to pieces! Of course once we have the rooms sorted as they're a complete tip right now!
I'm also discovering that I'm a domestic Goddess in the cleaning department?! However, not so much the cooking..

Thankyou for staying tuned! [:



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