Bold was an understatement for my colour choice on today's blog post! I don't tend to wear much on the bright colour's side, which is why I slip on something vivid and eye catching every now and then to add a pop of colour to my wardrobe.
My jumper I wore is from H&M and is a perfect length that is long enough to wear as a tunic.
I then paired up black leggings and black boots, both NewLook to create a very very simple outfit look. Then, just for extra warmth I wore my speckled grey boyfriend coat that is also from H&M.
I felt the overall look screamed city vibes as I went about my day walking through town and chilling in Pret for a little while, hugging my laptop as I went (like they do in the movies at High School but with books instead).

Jumper- H&M        Coat- H&M           Boots- NewLook



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