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Something New & Blue

I have been a little absent from my blog recently and eager to get back into the Blogger spirit. My fingers are literally buzzing at the thought of writing up a new post.. it's been a while. Unfortunately I'm unable to access internet at the moment as I've just.. MOVED HOUSE.  I've finally taken the plunge and fled the nest, into a small little house with one of my closet friends. Couldn't be more excited yet nervous as I'm dreading all these bills and food budgets I have to stick myself to. My wardrobe is sadly going to have to suffer a huge budget cut! But hopefully this time next week I shall be back to normal with my regular blog posts as well as some sneaky pictures of the house, I'm very house proud and what to show you as much of the house as I can without boring you to pieces! Of course once we have the rooms sorted as they're a complete tip right now! I'm also discovering that I'm a domestic Goddess in the cleaning department?! However, not s…

Turtle Neck

I loved this outfit choice! It made me feel super casual yet very retro in a way? Possibly 80's vibes? My oversized acid washed denim shirt was from ASOS and I've found a number of ways to wear this shirt that I'm slowly beginning to live in. I then wore my high waisted Joni jeans from Topshop as well as a ribbed murky grey turtle neck top also Topshop. As the top is pretty short thanks to the cropped cut I decided to wear a shirt over the top so that I felt a little more covered up and comfortable as I'm not the most confident person when it comes to my body. I then wore my black and white skater shoes, Topshop that I'm sure you've seen on most posts throughout my blog. Finally I added a touch of colour in the form of Impassioned by MAC. I've gone from a different approach with my layering techniques that I'm all over for this Autumn/Winter. Slowly edging towards chunky garments and heavy duty lined pieces!
Shirt- ASOS         Jeans- Topshop (Joni)         

Effortless Layering

Again I've stuck with the shirt and jumper technique, a real winner this Autumn! I decided to wear my black and white checkered shirt from Topshop that is just super versatile with every outfit thanks to the monochrome colouring. I then wore my Zara cream knitted jumper, which was thick enough to stop the chill but not become stuffy and annoying like some knitwear items. Finally I wore my vintage Joni's, again Topshop and finally my black and white skater shoes that are also Topshop. I'm making the most of the chunky knits before it becomes too cold that you're having to hide them away with coats and jackets. I love the effortless look that a big jumper and jeans brings!!
Jumper- Zara            Shirt- Topshop         Jeans- Topshop        Shoes- Topshop

Cable Knits & Layering

Once again I've tried the whole layering technique with my outfit of the day, which consisted of a black camisole courtesy of Miss Selfridge underneath a thick cable knit jumper from Forever 21. Because of the pleating of my cami it added very girly appeal to my look, which is extremely unlike me! I then wore my new Joni jeans (I'm building quite a collection for myself!) with added ripped knee's detailing.  Everywhere I look in shops there seem to be denim in every distressed and ripped style you can imagine but it really does work with everything?! Finally I wore my pointed toe sling back shoes from Topshop that sadly I can only bare for a maximum of four hours before my toes begin to feel crushed and destroyed, sigh. But they're beautiful until that moment strikes!
Jumper- Forever 21       Jeans- Topshop (Joni)         Shoes- Topshop


Bold was an understatement for my colour choice on today's blog post! I don't tend to wear much on the bright colour's side, which is why I slip on something vivid and eye catching every now and then to add a pop of colour to my wardrobe. My jumper I wore is from H&M and is a perfect length that is long enough to wear as a tunic. I then paired up black leggings and black boots, both NewLook to create a very very simple outfit look. Then, just for extra warmth I wore my speckled grey boyfriend coat that is also from H&M. I felt the overall look screamed city vibes as I went about my day walking through town and chilling in Pret for a little while, hugging my laptop as I went (like they do in the movies at High School but with books instead).

Jumper- H&M        Coat- H&M           Boots- NewLook

Blouses & Big Knits

I'm loving this chilly weather we're experiencing as it means layering up.. and I do love a good layer. I've always loved jumpers over shirts as it means you get the detailing of a collar as well as a very preppy outcome to your outfit. I wore my Topshop cream blouse with gold buttons with another Topshop piece, my chunky knit jumper in a butterscotch colour. This was a super comfy outfit and kept me lovely and snug in the bitter wind. It's also a timeless piece of layering that can be repeated with tons of different options, denim shirts, patterned shirts etc. I then wore my H&M leggings and finally my newest shoes for my collection that I'm totally obsessed and madly in love with. These bad boys are from Select Fashion and cost me £12, which for a pair of patent loafers is just.. INCREDIBLE?!

Jumper- Topshop          Blouse- Topshop        Leggings- H&M         Shoes- Select Fashion

Polka Dots

First things first, I hope you like my new design on my blog! I decided I needed a change and added a few pastel shades to add a little more colour(: Moving on- my shirt I wore is from Forever 21 and is one I've been craving after for some time. I recently had some drinks with friends and spotted one of the girls wearing a polka dot navy shirt from Urban Outfitters. I then decided I needed something similar for my wardrobe! I think the shirt was roughly around £15, which I thought was a pretty good steal! The fit is slightly boxy, which is another favourite feature of mine as I love a good oversized, boyfriend fit. I then wore my MOM jeans from Topshop and finally my Primark faux converse to complete this look. So overall I had a smart theme running through the top half, collar up, slightly tucked in shirt and then a casual almost skater look going on underneath with the baggy jeans and trainers. The best of both!
Shirt- Forever 21                   Jeans- Topshop (MOM)            Shoes…

Black Jumpsuit


Plaid & Oversized