Sneaky Purchases

These are two of my newest purchases to add to my ever growing (ridiculous) collection. Stoopid Boots and Lush for stocking such darn beautiful things..
I've never tried the Essie collection of nail polishes, however my friend decided to persuade me to give them a go. I'm now gagging for more!
I picked up a rich pinky/red colour called Angora Cardi that I thought couldn't sum up Autumn in a colour anymore if it tried. I've so far been topping up my nails every couple of days with another coat just to hide any tiny chips so that I can maintain a gorgeous manicure with such a lovely colour.
The product dries so quickly too, which is such an added bonus with nail polishes as they usually can dry a little tacky and then you go and blaaaaddy smudge it on something!
I also bought a face mask, which again is a first for me as I don't usually apply anything treatment like to my face. Just my cleanser and toner do me[:
So I thought I'd treat myself to the Sacred Truth, which is an antioxidant creamy mask containing all the good stuff such as wheatgrass, green tea and papaya.
I applied this to my freshly scrubbed face whilst having an evening bath and in all honestly was an ore by the smell, the texture and the freshness. 

Essie- Angora Cardi                 Lush- The Sacred Truth Facial Mask



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