Dunagree's Day

Throw back to a time where I attacked every scrap of paper with crayons, too long naps during in the day, became hyperactive off of blue Smarties and of course wore a pair of dungaree's..
My pair of 90's throw back attire are from Boohoo and are sadly a little bit of a stranger to my blog as I haven't been wearing these at all during the Summer.
I sometimes get irritated by wearing tights underneath shorts or dungaree's for example as I find it feels a little strange if that makes sense? The material of tights confuses me alone but when you wear them with a pair of shorts I find it feels a little restricting and odd. 
That probably sounds completely creepy..
But anyway, I thought I'd bite the bullet and try something different!
I also decided to wear a shirt underneath my dungaree's for a casual finish and also for warmth! My shirt is from Topshop and has fine lines of a navy and baby blue colour. 
I then wore my black NewLook heeled boots that I have a strong suspicion will be my new bestfriend's this Autumn and Winter.

Dungarees- Boohoo         Shirt- Topshop       Boots- NewLook




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