Dress Kode

I am currently writing this blog post whilst feeling horrendously sorry for myself thanks to a ridiculously sore throat, dizziness and hot flushes. Yes, I have finally been stuck by one of the many viruses that are lurking around at the moment!
Therefore, I took this Sunday as the perfect opportunity to indulge in a favourite past time of searching on endless clothes websites for garments that I can only dream of filling my online basket with.
Sometimes I am a little naughty and take the plunge to the checkout but quite often I just have to settle with looking.

One of my most recent websites that I came across was called DRESS KODE, which are a smaller retailer website that sell those hidden gems that you lust over.
I've been head over heels (quite literally) in love with the variety of Autumn/Winter boots now hitting the high street, which is why I went straight to the footwear department to check out what they had available on their site.

I'm currently loving flat Chelsea style boots for the colder Seasons as let's be honest, no one can be dealing with sore feet within three hours of wearing heeled boots!
I also realized I have a rather large collection of heeled boots building rapidly in my wardrobe..
Buy them here!

 These gold trim Chelsea boots are a perfect example of a simple design with a little something extra thanks to the gold detailing.
They would look awesome with a pair of wet look leggings and a white/cream shirt or jeans and a oversized jumper.
Plus they could be worn casual and even for formal occasions as they look super smart.
.. And they're only £22.99, which for a pair of black boots that can be worn everyday is a pretty good bargain seeing as most retailers would stock these for at least £40 upwards!
I also find that smaller known websites stock pretty much the same style of garments that known brands do, which is why it's such a steal when you find what you've been looking but with half the price tag!




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