Cross Hatched

Once again I spent my precious wages on more un-necessary Topshop clothes. I think I genuinely have a problem or something?
I purchased this very lovely oversized cross hatched print shirt the other day, which features my two current favourite colours.. black and white.
I think as the seasons change so is my colour pallet to become much more of a blank canvas for me to work with.
Black and white are both bold and in a way clean colours, which are just perfect for adding dashes of colour through accessories or perhaps make up?
 In this case I used to power of colour through my denim streak in form of my MOM jeans also from Topshop. Rolled up slightly at the bottom created a narrowing illusion for my ankles, making them look a little dainty (LOVELY!).
I then dug out these swede Mockersons in a rich reddy/brown colour from NewLook a looonnggg time ago!
Totally forgot I had these bad boys and now totally back in love with them[:

Shirt- Topshop         Jeans- Topshop (MOM)       Shoes- NewLook 




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