Aztec Prints

Complete Topshop outfit.. Oops. I didn't plan it I swear, it just sort of happened. 
You know with the MOM jeans and then an Aztec print top and before you know it I've slipped on my black loafers.
I decided to do something a little different with my locks today and rather than stick with a classic top knot or leave my curls down to tame themselves, I decided to go with a volumeized pony tail. 
It was very 50's/60's I felt but not as extreme as a beehive back comb!
I simply pulled my hair into the position of a low pony tail and tied it with an elastic and then finally pulled the hair nearest my head gently whilst tightening the pony tail as I go.
It some how ended up in a big old poofy mess from behind.
I had my hair curly that day so the curls twisted down from the pony tail creating a really nice waterfall effect.
There's no reason why this wouldn't work on straight hair but you could always add a few curls via a curling tong before or after depending on how you prefer to work with your hair [:

Top- Topshop           Jeans- Topshop (MOM)           Shoes- Topshop



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