Ridiculously Oversized

Once again the Indiana Jones hat has made an appearance on my head. I don't ever really wear much head gear so I suppose I should be making the most of the sun with a big old hat!
This outfit was quite basic to be honest, not a lot to it at all. I stuck with a ridiculously oversized sheer t-shirt from Primark that was a little bit too see-through..oops.
So this was just hanging off of my shoulders like a bag.
I decided to wear my patterned leggings from Topshop, just because my outfit needed a little something to funk it up a little. Otherwise it would have been very plain I feel?
So yes, I wore my leggings from Topshop, which are a lovely grey and white swirly, diamondy like. They're also super high waisted so are very flattering for pulling it all in!
I finally wore my pointed sling back flats from Topshop, which are a killer for the feet. I can't lie and say these are the best shoes ever even if they are super adorable. 
They shred your toes. I don't know how and I don't know why but they have some kind of evil to them that just make them agony when wearing for long periods of time.
Hence why I can only wear them for a short time with long time gaps in between. These don't appear much on my blog for those reasons..

T-shirt- Primark          Leggings- Topshop             Shoes- Topshop



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