New Little Bundle

I've been a little absent from my blog over the past couple of days.. but I have a valid excuse I swear! It has something to do with the rather scrummy ball of cuteness in the above photo. 
He is the most adorable, clumsy fur ball I've ever laid my eyes on and I'm pretty much in love.
It was a complete shock we were even bringing him home as we'd seen him in the litter with all his brothers and sisters when he was barely a few weeks old as they're from a family friend. Then on Thursday evening, he was dropped over by that friend after his micro-chip jab, very dazed and confused. 
And.. now we have Archie!
I feel like a full time baby sitter, making sure he pee's outside, doesn't chew any electrics or wonder off somewhere in the house. He's just about mastering steps, which is a worry as all the cats are hiding out upstairs! GULP.
You'll be seeing a lot more of this little man via my Instagram and probably some more on this blog.. stay tuned puppy lovers!


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