Monochrome Love

Today I embraced the wonder that is monochrome. 
I sometimes feel a little guilty wearing black in the Summer as it's traditionally a very bright, bold and colourful season but then I think why the heck not? 
It's not like we're restricted to certain colour's in certain seasons after all?!
Therefore, I have chosen to wear my checkered monochrome shirt courtesy of Topshop that I wore over the top of a plain white top.
This way I thought I could layer whilst letting the breeze flow through my outfit without making me hot and sticky.
Layering in the Summer? Who'd of thought it, eh?!
I then wore my faux leather leggings from ASOS, a bit of a daring one as I was worried they would stick to me and practically end up melting to my legs.
Luckily I think I survived!
Lastly I wore my black loafers, again Topshop, my MAC lipstick in the colour Amplified and a couple of rings from various high street retailers.

Shirt- Topshop         Leggings- ASOS        Shoes- Topshop         Lipstick- MAC (Amplified)



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