^ Not quite sure why this decided not to focus.. ^

I wanted to parade around in my new metallic sandals from NewLook after I ordered them a few weeks back but never had the chance to let them shine with an outfit.
Therefore I chose today to let them have their first trip out!!
I decided to let my sandals be the statement piece of my outfit and worked around them when choosing what else to wear.
I went for my striped blue and white leggings from Topshop that worked well with the metallic. They didn't draw the attention away from the shoes yet the colour's worked well and complemented each other.
Nothing too crazy!
I then decided on a plain black v neck t-shirt from Primark as I wanted a plain colour top wise. I thought an oversized t-shirt was perfect and effortless casual to draw away from the glamor side that metallic's and silvers can often fall into. 
Lastly I wore my Black Tied crystal necklace in silver just for a little finishing touch.

T-shirt- Primark        Leggings- Topshop       Shoes- NewLook         Necklace- Black Tied



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