Lazy Day

I wasn't go to capture this outfit of the day as I didn't feel it was anything spectacular and then I thought.. well, does it have it be?
Sometimes it's nice to have a lazier day with fashion and I'm all for that!
Hence why I've dressed in slightly baggy clothes to achieve an oversized and effortless look with my outfit.
I've chosen to wear my beyond bleached Hayden jeans from Topshop, which were £25 in the sale. Annoyingly if I'd waited a further day I could have bought them for £15.. Oops.
But still, I love them none the less!
I then wore the same white vest top from NewLook that was mentioned on my blog a couple of days ago, the one I wore to the Holi Festival of Colour that should of been destroyed yet somehow has survived being smothered in mounds of paint powder?!
Finishing touches- I wore my tan sandals from ASOS (you know the ones that have been stuck to my feet since arriving in the post) and my huge bug eyed sunglasses, which are brand new from H&M.
Love a good bug eye!

Jeans- Topshop        Top- NewLook     Shoes- ASOS         Sunglasses- H&M



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