Ditsy Floral

This outfit was totally thrown together last minute.. no seriously. I'm not even sure I like it that much now after looking back at the photo evidence. Ooh well! At least now I know I can push this selection of clothes aside to never be paired up again in the future!
But I'll write up all about what I wore anyway in case anyone has a little more enthusiasm about this outfit that I did.
My shirt is a ditsy floral print, very light weight top from Forever 21, which I haven't worn in a very very long time. I sometimes love this shirt and sometimes loathe it.. it's a bit like Marmite?
I then wore my skinny ripped jeans from Topshop to try and grunge this outfit up a little, you know, make it less girly because that's never my cup of tea!
I then wore my black and white skater shoes also from Topshop, fear not they are back! I used to wear these all the time, if you've read my blog from a few months back I'm sure you'll recognize these and are still sick from the sight of them appearing in every post!
Finally I wore my Black Tied Swarovski silver necklace that I've started wearing a lot recently!
I later added a dark reddy/purple lipstick, which is again Topshop and the colour 'Called Up'. I'm always a little hesitant wearing dark lipsticks in the Summer, but they sometimes can make the outfit look much brighter and colourful in an odd way?

Shirt- Forever 21        Jeans- Topshop         Shoes- Topshop          Necklace- Black Tied




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