Summery Shorts

These rather lovely Summery shorts are my newest purchase from Topshop. They sit just above the hips and a very loose fitting, which means they're perfect for the warm weather and aren't too fitting that they expose odd lumps and bumps that you never knew existed?!
I wore my pair with a cropped grey t-shirt also from Topshop as well as my white sandals from Primark.
I decided to stick with plain colours as I felt my shorts were a statement piece by themselves and didn't need too much pattern or detailing with the rest of the outfit.
I added a couple of finishing touches of an assortment of rings from different high street stores, my H&M Aviators (once again!) and finally I went back to my old favourite, lipstick.
I haven't worn lipstick in a while so I thought it would make a nice change to add a little colour to my lips.
I went for a peachy orange from the Collection 2000 range, Passionfruit.

Shorts- Topshop      T-shirt- Topshop      Shoes- Primark      Sunglasses- H&M



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