Today I spent the day with two very special friends down at the British seaside town of Eastbourne. I don't usually get to go down to the coast much so this was a perfect opportunity to whack out my brand spanking new camera and see what this bad boy can do!
Hence the overload of photos..
As you can see I've played around with filters and all that contrast blah blah stuff to achieve some rather beautiful keep sake photos (blowing my own trumpet much?!)
I also wore my new dress/tunic from ASOS (it's actually from NewLook but bought via ASOS if that makes any sense?) which was super cute and girly for a day out.
The only trouble was it was slightly short when sitting down and getting back up again so I'm pretty sure most of the locals are now very familiar with my butt.
I then wore my faux converse as they are just getting ridiculously tatty and rundown that they're becoming my 'I-don't-care-what-happens-to-you' shoes.
Shame really as I do love them.. like a stupid amount.
My sunglasses are H&M Aviator style as they were a replacement for my Primark ones I thought I'd lost but then found the other day buried in my car.
As I'm sure you can tell from these photo's it was a little windy down by the sea so most of these photo's have us battling with our hair.
Hope you enjoy this mini photo album[:

Dress- NewLook (Via ASOS)         Shoes- Primark         Sunglasses- H&M



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