Peach Camisole


Well, today was a bit of a scorcher?!
This meant I bought this bad boy of a camisole out of my wardrobe to bare as much skin on my upper body as legally/appropriate as possible.
This gorgeous peach cami is beautifully designed to give an elegant floaty effect when worn that is very itsy bitsy girly.
The pleating effect is just enough detailing to bring it from the boring and shove it right into the fast lane of simple yet beautiful.
The only down side of this top was that the straps are slightly too long that the v-neck dropped a little lower than I would have liked.. people got a few eyes fulls when I first wore this top.
Luckily, I've tested out my sewing skills and managed to stick a few stitches into the strap seams and created the perfect length for the bust area.
I then wore my Boohoo disco pants along with my black ankle Balenciaga style boots, which are also from Boohoo.
I added a small french braid into my hair to add something a little different as I'm usually pretty bland when it comes to hairstyles.

Cami- Topshop        Disco Pants- Boohoo       Boots- Boohoo       Glasses- Grandmothers!    


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