Monochrome Playsuit

This rather beautifully Summer appropriate garment is from Topshop and I think it just about sums up a very girly yet sophisticated playsuit.
I love a good playsuit, what female doesn't?! They're the next best thing for those girls who aren't the biggest fan's of dresses but want to flaunt what they've got via something tight fitting, flattering and leg-baring.
Then we were given THE PLAYSUIT.
I'm not keen on dresses myself, which is why I try and opt for something with that little bit of extra material between the thighs to stop myself feeling too girly.
That is why shorts and playsuit's are practically my bestfriends.
I get the best of both worlds, the cute girly side as well as the tom-boy side where I can climb a tree and be slightly unfeminine because I don't have to worry about flashing to the world.
I wore this monochrome leaf printed playsuit with my tan sandals from ASOS and a simple scruffy bun.

.. Now count how many times I used the word 'playsuit'.

Playsuit- Topshop        Sandals- ASOS         Sunglasses- H&M



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