Indiana Jones Hat

I've rediscovered my Indiana Jones hat!
Today was an essential day for sunglasses and hats, hence why I've chosen to wear my cowboy one. 
I ended up wearing complete Topshop, no surprise there! My Aztec pattern top is a newer purchase as I decided I don't own much in the decorated top zone so I thought this would make a lovely edition.
I then wore my vintage Joni's, which need no introduction as they pretty much appear every week on my blog.
Finally I wore my only non-Topshop item, which were my chunky white sandals that are Primark. 
I did think jeans were going to be a bad shout for wearing in the Summer but I find that with Joni's they're thinner material to stop the sticky, sweaty feel that jeans can leave when in hot weather.

Top- Topshop         Jeans- Topshop (Vintage Joni)          Shoes- Primark       Hat- Topshop



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