Hey look.. I'm blonde now!
I went through a crazy couple of days and convinced myself that I needed to be blonde. It has always been a thought for me to dip into the lighter zone but I never had the courage to take the plunge. I also had a huge obsession over Lauren Conrad when I was younger and wanted to look exactly like her.. 
But I finally did it and now I feel like an old fashioned movie star?!!
I don't even recognize myself in the mirror when I catch my reflection. It's very bizarre!
Anyway, enough about the locks! 
Today's outfit consisted of my lovely, lovely new shorts from Topshop, which are a crotchet lace effect in a very Summery mint colour.
I then wore a basic scallop hem top also from Topshop but in black as I wasn't too sure what colour's I could be daring enough to mix with mint.
Black sandals were also paired up with my outfit and finally a gold and silver chunky Aztec style necklace, which again I'm pretty sure is an old Topshop one?
Well.. once again it's all Topshop!
Oh, and my dog decided to make an appearance in my photo's whilst I did the classic Blogger pose! Hi!

Shorts- Topshop          Top- Topshop       Sandals- Topshop      Necklace- Topshop       Sunglasses- ASOS


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