Hello New Camera

LOOK! My new posh, fancy-pants camera has arrived and making me very confused on how many settings one camera can possibly store.
It's soo preeettttyyyyyy..
I decided to jazz things up a little and step outside to create a lovely colourful landscape to pose upon for my blog post of the day.
I wore basically head to toe Topshop.. which isn't much of a change to be honest. I do tend to go all out, which means I desperately need to mix up my wardrobe with different brands.
Today, I wore my black Joni jeans that I don't think I've ever worn for my blog before? Well here they are!
Stretchy, comfy and very flattering, what more could you want in a pair of high waisted jeans?!
I then wore a Aztec/kaleidoscope patterned t-shirt that is a slightly boxy shape to create a crisp, smart t-shirt. The colour's and pattern's this t-shirt holds means that you don't need to add any lipstick or accessories and is so easy to bung on with a pair of jeans or disco pants if you're feeling a little unimaginative for your outfit of the day.
It's great having a selection of patterned or logo t-shirts hidden away in your wardrobe so that you can simply whip them out when ever you need something simple to pair with jeans. They need nothing to them! 

T-shirt- Topshop       Jeans- Topshop (JONI)       Sunglasses- ASOS        Shoes- Topshop       Rings- Primark



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