Checkered Shirt & Disco Pants

Today's outfit reminded me of something out of an old school car garage? You know the one's with beautiful men sweating and covered in drops of oil whilst singing happily to some pop band hit. Maybe I'm just thinking too much into it because of the whole shirt rapped around the waist thing ..
Anyway, if that hasn't scared you off then we can continue!
Today I wore my black disco pants from Boohoo that are just perfect to throw on when you're wanting a bit of a leggings day. They're practically leggings but with a little shine to the material so they jazz themselves up a bit.
I then wore my chiffon layered top from Topshop, which is a sort of dull teal colour, perfect for when you need to wear a basic colour but avoiding black or white.
I wore my checkered shirt from Topshop, which was just to throw on for warmth as there was a little bit of a breeze. I thought you could always tie the shirt around the waist for something a little different too.
Finally I wore my chunky black boots from NewLook, that haven't seen much sunlight recently as they've been living in the boot of my car.
I thought today they would look perfect with this outfit as I wasn't too sure on what shoes to wear, plus the heel adds length to the leg, which is a huge bonus.

Disco Pants- Boohoo    Shirt- Topshop       Top- Topshop      Boots- NewLook      Necklace- Topshop



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