Blimey Blonde Barnet

I just wanted to write up a little post about my new locks! Being all blonde is a very strange feeling to be honest, I know that probably sounds incredibly weird and stupid but going from dark to light is very odd.
Each time I catch myself in the mirror I have to double take as I don't recognize myself. But I really do love it!
I've also purchased a couple of products from which is a haven for a person such as myself who loves a good bargain but with top notch quality.
They provide salon products at reasonable prices, slightly cheaper but every penny counts, right?!
I decided I will be needing a selection of products to help restore my hair's health after being drowned in bleach and peroxide.

Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo

Firstly, I bought a purple shampoo, which I've heard is a must for anyone with dyed or highlighted blonde hair as this draws out the yellow'ness and keeps your hair looking naturally toned and sun-kissed from the natural elements. 
I know that I can trust FUDGE as a brand so therefore went for this 300ml tube that will last me a long time.
Today was my first day of washing my hair and I must admit this was terrifying! Adding a thick, gloopey purple syrup to your hair is a major trust game. 
I took the plunge, made sure I washed it thoroughly out of my hair (in case I woke up looking like a My Little Pony!) and extremely happy with the results.
Not only did the product smell amazing it has also toned my blonde down a little to blend and look much more natrual. Much more of a dark honey colour?

Kérastase Nutritive Lait Vital Nourishing Care Conditioner

 I've known about this brand for a while via my friend who is a hairdresser and who has worked with this brand in several of the salons she's been to. 
I therefore know it's a really fantastic range for most hair types! You only need a small pea size to go a long way, which then means you certainly get your moneys worth.
I can't describe how much of a difference this has made to my hair! The texture, the movement and the feel are just completely different and incredible!
My hair is usually very dry because of the natural curl and trying to tame it daily, but with a tiny amount of this it seems to have transformed into soft, silky ringlets.  
But not the kind you find on those creepy china dolls..



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