YouTube Update

I haven't posted my recent YouTube channel activity on my blog for a while so here's a quick update!
I've recently been quite quiet on the video making front as I'm currently experiencing a little YouTuber block and becoming incredibly uncreative when thinking of video idea's. 
Therefore, I don't want to ram my channel up with naff video's that no one wants to watch.. hopefully the good'ens will be worth a 5 minutes of your time!
I'm also waiting for a spankin' new camera to arrive in the post, which I've splashed out on to hopefully provide some top quality photos/videos.
I've hated my set up for my photos from day 1 as they're so bland to look at and such bad quality so hopefully this will be the start of something new?!

Have a watch of my new video if you have the chance[:
You can find it here;


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