The Scrummiest

Here's a quick post that I wanted to share with you! I had the most scrummiest, insanely yummiest risotto known to man whilst having lunch in Strada with the old fam', which obviously lead to my meal having its own mini photo shoot.
I'm a huge food fanatic and a ridiculous pasta addict so for me risotto is just beautiful. I could literally spend the rest of my life living off the stuff.
This dish had a butternut squash risotto with peppers and some other delicious ingredients that I have no idea what they could have been, topped with pine nuts, spinach, green decoration and a slice of bacon (which I donated to my brother as I'm not a big fan).

Oh.. and then there's dessert.
A lemon trifle. I just.. I can't even begin to thank the genius who created this beauty.
Layers of whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, lemon zests and sauces, sponge! Just wow.
 Not the most exciting post but just one I thought I'd share(:
If you have a Strada near to you its definitely a restaurant to try. I had heard great things about it from friends and family but never personally set foot inside. I'm too glad I did.



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