Stripes & Boots

I'm once again a little behind with my blog and posting my daily outfit of the day's. But I have however been vlogging, which is becoming a new hobby for me?! I shall of course update you if you'd like to check out my new vlog once it's all uploaded.
This outfit was super cooling to wear as recently we've had a bit of a heatwave. For us 24 degree's and up is extremely warm and us being Brits can never handle too much heat.
I wore this Topshop tunic with a basic horizontal stripe pattern, which is a little thick material wise but never the less still breezy thanks to its loose fit.
I then dared bare legs.. which I believe is a first this year?!
Luckily, I had a little bit of a tan from the Lanzarote sun so they weren't like pieces of a chalk!
On my feet I wore my faux Balenciaga cutout boots from Boohoo that I've well and truly fallen in love with.
I know it must sound like I fall in love with a lot of my clothes/accessories but I can insure you I do pick my favourites!
I should have really worn these with little pop socks as my feet ended up slipping around in the boots quite a bit.. ew.
This was a total basic outfit and didn't have much to it at all. I felt as though the stripes had their own patterning and detailing that I didn't need to go crazy on accessorize or jewellery.

Tunic- Topshop          Boots- Boohoo


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