Monochrome Overload

Recently I've found myself over indulging on the monochrome theme.. like a ridiculous amount?!
I'd like to firstly start with the fact I look incredibly bronzed in the right photo above. No idea why this has happened but I'm pretty sure it's got something to do with the lighting?
If you've read my blog before then I'm sure you recognize my trousers seeing as I've worn them to death, especially all through last Summer.
They're made from an ultra thin material to ensure my legs are able to breath during hot, stuffy weather!
The monochrome pattern also means I can wear them with practically anything as black and white are girls best colours' for sure! They are just too versatile!
I wore my Forever 21 pair with a new top I recently purchased from Topshop, which is an adorable pleated crop top that is floaty and girly, ideal for pairing with high waisted jeans or disco pants.
As my outfit was pretty much a black and white job I went for an orangey/red lipstick for a Summery bright splash of colour.

Trousers- Forever 21       Top- Topshop



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