Effortless.. probably one of my favourite words?!
This outfit for me completely sums up this word. MOM jeans and a slightly oversized sweater! Perfectly comfortable and yet very on trend for the colder Summer days.
My Topshop MOM jeans have so far been a lifesaver for when I'm having wardrobe crisis and unsure what the heck to wear. They are easy to pair with practically anything and because they're high waisted they are super flattering and pair up perfectly with any cropper t-shirts or tops.
As the sweater toned the outfit down into a very laid back zone I decided to add a chunky gold and black necklace for a little glitz and glamor, which always adds a little something special to any attire.
I also wore these white buckle up sandals from Primark, which have been one of the most incredible bargains known to man! I've been wearing them non stop and for a little more than a fiver they're unbelievably perfect for the Summer seeing as I wont mind wearing them to death as they were so cheap.

Sweater- Topshop           Jeans- Topshop (MOM)         Shoes- Primark  


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