Dungarees Day

A blast from the past! We all remember the days where our Mum's would dress us up in tiny dungaree's whilst we played around in mud and sand pits, the endless frustration when you're desperate for the loo and she's still struggling with the fastenings. 
Ahh those were the days..
Well I guess they're back! Only this time I'M the one who struggles with the fastenings whilst doing a wiggle dance to stop myself from weeing before I manage to make it too the loo.
This adorable dungaree play-suit is from Boohoo, which I wore with a black rolled sleeve t-shirt from Primark.
This created such a urban look to my outfit and was ridiculously easy and effortless to create. (Of course we know those are my two favourite words!)
I was very inspired when creating this look by Lou Teasdale as I've seen a couple of photo's of her pulling off this outfit and looking incredible.
It's such a Summery outfit with a twist on the classic t-shirt and shorts. Dungaree's make the perfect 'I-don't-know-what-to-wear' outfit as you can pair them with shirts, t-shirts or even a bandeau if you're feeling a little daring.
I also wore my faux converse to enhance even more of a rocky and a little bit scruffy look.

Dungaree's- Boohoo         T-shirt- Primark       Necklace- Urban Outfitters


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