Black Joggers

Today my brother asked me if I had been running when I wondered into his room as apparently my outfit looked as though I was about to do some hardcore exercise routine.
In fact I had just invested in some rather cosy jogging style trousers from my good old friend Topshop, which are completely versatile when it comes to styling. 
You can go for a formal look with a cami and some red lipstick or tone it right down with an oversized t-shirt like I have in today's look.
I've chosen to go for a vivid colour on top, therefore wearing my neon yellow'y/green t-shirt from NewLook. Although this t-shirt is essentially a cropper boxy fit, I went up quite a few sizes to create the slouchy effect that I love!
On my feet I wore a pair of so-ugly-shoes-that-I-love-them from Primark. When I say ugly I mean shoes that you can't decide whether you have a big crush on or not.. does that make sense? I love ugly shoes?!

Trousers- Topshop       T-shirt- NewLook        Shoes- Primark


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