I really didn't take the 'Outfit of The Day' photo very seriously or well in fact today. So let's try and ignore the tongue escaping out the side of my mouth and focus on the clothes..


If you follow me on Instagram (louisemarguerite) then I'm sure you're a little confused as I took a snap today of my outfit and this certainly doesn't match up to my post. I'm a little behind on my OOTD's but I can assure you they will all be up at some point in the coming week[:
I wore a very basic rolled sleeved t-shirt today, which is part of the Jersey range from Topshop. I paired up my MOM jeans, also Topshop, and put together a very Tom-boyish look with a hint of grunge.
I also took my new sandals for a little outing and paired them up with a pair of adorable white lacey frilled socks.
I did think about wearing my sandals without socks but then I thought about my hideously chipped toe nails and the fact I may be faced with blisters.. so I opted for a lovely comfy pair of socks[:
It's just not even worth the risk if you know you may be faced with the ordeal of sore feet and peeling painful blisters all over your heels.
I then slipped over my faux black leather jacket from Boohoo and finally added a chunky gold chained necklace from Topshop.

T-shirt- Topshop         Jeans- Topshop (MOM)        Shoes- Primark          Jacket- Boohoo



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