Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation Review

I'm not normally one to rave about new products as I'm quite loyal at staying with my usual beauty purchases. I don't really switch up make-up or try new body lotions and potions as I know what works for my skin and what I have learned to love and trust.
However, for a while I've been trying out a few different foundations from my usual brand as it's about time I break from my mold. So a few months ago I picked up a stranger for my make-up collection.


I give you my new absolute favorite! Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation.

I'm guessing the whole world has already raved about this product as it's not the newest on the high street and I'm always miles behind when it comes to new beauty products.
But at around £5 a bottle I am continuously surprised at the result from this foundation.

The foundation itself is very light yet covers extremely well. I personally am very lucky to have relatively clear skin so unfortunately I wouldn't be able to tell you how well it covers other types of skin with blemishes or redness. But I do know that when I have the occasional break out it still covers beautifully and if not I'll just top up with a little concealer.

The only slight downside for me is that it's not quite the matte finish a lot of us desire when applying our foundation. However, I'm a girl who has always applied a light layer of powder to dust on top so for me this isn't too much of a worry.

Two points on lasting- firstly, the amount. For a few drops a day the product lasts for at least 3-4 months, possibly even longer? I can't quite remember when I picked up this foundation but I know it wasn't recently. This to me is a big factor because you want to rely on a product that will last you a long time yet serves its purpose fully, therefore great coverage with a few drops = PERFECTION.
Secondly, the product lasts through a good days work on the skin. Unless I've found myself rubbing away at my skin I've had no trouble with needing to top up my foundation at work or on the go whats so ever! It would be too much of a hassle endlessly touching my foundation up every time my reflection caught my make-up melting off my face.

After a long relationship with this foundation it has excelled my expectations and has definitely gone straight to my good books. A bargain price for an incredible base product that really does what it says on the bottle! Match-perfection!


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