Pretty Pink Necklace

 I dare you to say 'pretty pink necklace' out five times in a row.. I definitely failed.

So to start this glorious post I have posted a picture of my chest.. sorry. However, let us focus on the pink gem'd statement piece instead, which is from my best-friend Primark. They have definitely up'd their game in the jewellery department recently and I am hard core fan.
I think this piece is adorable with the floral theme running all the way through and adding tiny detailing of daisy's round the rims of the petals. Super cute!
I wore this necklace with my monochrome checkered shirt from Topshop as I love a simple piece of colour to spice up anything black and white.
This did the job perfectly!
I then wore my Joni vintage style jeans from Topshop, which I don't need to go into any further detail about as they're pretty much a co-founder of my blog. They've been here since the start. I love you.
I then wore my faux converse, which once again I've failed to take a photo of but I'm guessing you all know what they look like.

Shirt- Topshop         Necklace- Primark          Jeans- Topshop (Joni)



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