Pale Blue Shirt

Tapered/Hareem trousers are possibly the next best thing to leggings regarding comfort. It's basically like wearing your pyjama's around all day but as they're classed as trousers it seems acceptable. Plus these have a rather lovely Aztec pattern going on..


Sometimes I really struggle to work out what looks nice with patterned trousers as I don't want to clash or go too overboard with colour's that my whole outfit is a site for sore eyes. I've recently found that pastel colour's work really well as they're not bold enough to drive the eye away from the pattern.
I bought this shirt from Fashion Union in the sale for a mere £8, which for a short sleeve shirt is a real bargain! I've found so many different ways to wear this and because of the colour it's very feminine and doesn't clash with blue denim! That may sound a little weird but so many times I've been put off buying blue shirts because I feel the colour's too similar to denim that it would almost pass as wearing a jump suit?!
I then dug out these hareem style trousers, which were bought forever ago from Forever 21. If you've read my blog from last year than you'll recognize these bad boys! I seem to remember wearing them A LOT through out last Summer.
Finally I added my twisted chain necklace in a rose gold colour to add a little accessory and my faux converse, which you've seen countless times but I failed to take a photo of..

Shirt- Fashion Union (sale)         Trousers- Forever 21            Necklace- Accessorize



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