Open Shirts

The title of this post does sound a little odd but I can assure you it is harmless!

I rarely wear cardigans, kimono's or open shirts as I don't feel it's a style that really suits me or my body. But I thought of going for something different today, which is why I've opt for wearing my floral shirt from Topshop in an open style.
This shirt is slightly oversized so I thought it worked well as it draped and fell nicely rather than bunching up and making me feel and look stocky.
I wore a scallop vest underneath in a black colour, which added to the girly detailing with a pretty hemline. The colour's also worked really well together and ensured that the lilacs and the flowers of the shirt stood out clearly.
I then wore my vintage Joni's and finally my black loafers, which I didn't photograph.

Shirt- Topshop         Scallop Vest- Topshop        Jeans- Topshop (Vintage Joni)



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