Black Tied

I recently stumbled across a small online store called Black Tied, which are a beautiful and original jewelers who craft each of their unique pieces. 
They are also happy to make any alterations to the chain lengths, which I think is such a personal touch because who wouldn't want their jewellery to fit snugly and feel as though it has been designed personally for them?!
I'm a huge fan girl when it comes to pendants and chunky rings so for me this is like a candy store and I'm the tiny child with rotting teeth! 

I just wanted to show you guys two of my favourite pieces from the collection, which have caught my eye and will most likely be biting my bank balance as I'm dying to make a purchase! ROLL ON PAYDAY!

Silver Sideways Hamsa Hand Bracelet
I love dainty bracelets of all sorts as I feel they are so delicate and feminine to wear. They look great with everything and can be worn for any occassion! They're also easy to forget about and don't tend to get in the way during the day unlike some other wrist jewellery. The idea of having a thick, chunky charm on such a slender chain is just a perfect way to have the best of both worlds. 

Dreamcatcher Necklace
I don't have many long pendant necklaces as I don't tend to wear them as much as I'd like to, however this dreamcatcher design caught my beady eye. I'm really loving the turquoise stones used as detailing as it adds a dash of colour, which really brings the whole piece to life. Rather than having a bright coloured necklace, which can sometimes be hard to pair with an outfit, you have a silver plated charm with tiny dots of colour, which doesn't draw too much attention to itself and will sit perfectly with a shirt or dress.



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