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Mustard Jumper & Gingham Leggings

A very bright and vivid coloured jumper was in order for today's outfit of the day! I've chosen to wear this cosy mustard coloured knit from H&M that sits slightly oversized. Perfect for those I-can't-be-bothered-to-dress-myself days.

YouTube Upload

Helllooooo! If you haven't already, (and if you have then why not have a deja vu moment? Eh?!) head over to my YouTube channel where you can see me throwing myself into a bath for a comical take on 'Getting Ready For A Night Out'. Just something a little different but the kind of videos I enjoy making and hopefully you enjoy watching[:

watch here

Thankyou xox

Black Jumpsuit

Thank you for joining me on this rather miserable bank holiday Monday. Anyone else wondering where the heck the sun has got to?! Putting weather issues aside I've added a new post all about my recent outfit of the day! 

Black Tied

I recently stumbled across a small online store called Black Tied, which are a beautiful and original jewelers who craft each of their unique pieces.  They are also happy to make any alterations to the chain lengths, which I think is such a personal touch because who wouldn't want their jewellery to fit snugly and feel as though it has been designed personally for them?! I'm a huge fan girl when it comes to pendants and chunky rings so for me this is like a candy store and I'm the tiny child with rotting teeth! 
I just wanted to show you guys two of my favourite pieces from the collection, which have caught my eye and will most likely be biting my bank balance as I'm dying to make a purchase! ROLL ON PAYDAY!


Somehow we have reached the one year mile stone for Louulia, which I am more than ecstatic about!

Greys And Greens

I have a feeling my lime green shirt will be making a rather big cameo appearance this Summer.. YAYYY!

Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation Review

I'm not normally one to rave about new products as I'm quite loyal at staying with my usual beauty purchases. I don't really switch up make-up or try new body lotions and potions as I know what works for my skin and what I have learned to love and trust. However, for a while I've been trying out a few different foundations from my usual brand as it's about time I break from my mold. So a few months ago I picked up a stranger for my make-up collection.

I give you my new absolute favorite! Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation.

YouTube Update

Spring/Summer Haul 2014
I recently uploaded a new video for my channel on, which is a haul introducing you to all my new bits and bobs from and Topshop. Nothing big but I was rather excited about my purchases and thought it would make a nice video.

Open Shirts

The title of this post does sound a little odd but I can assure you it is harmless!

Pretty Pink Necklace

I dare you to say 'pretty pink necklace' out five times in a row.. I definitely failed.


I really didn't take the 'Outfit of The Day' photo very seriously or well in fact today. So let's try and ignore the tongue escaping out the side of my mouth and focus on the clothes..

Pale Blue Shirt

Tapered/Hareem trousers are possibly the next best thing to leggings regarding comfort. It's basically like wearing your pyjama's around all day but as they're classed as trousers it seems acceptable. Plus these have a rather lovely Aztec pattern going on..