The Worst Crime

Here's a new one for you wonderful readers! This attire consisted of an oversized checkered shirt from Topshop, which gives a very easy-going look to my outfit. Something I'm all for! 
I then of course wore a classic of mine, which is the very familiar wet look leggings because.. well, they're amazingly comfy and I can stretch my legs into weird lunge positions all day without the fear of tearing a massive rip down the crotch. Totally normal.
I'm never the most daring girl when it comes to fashion and styling but I decided to push the boat out a little further and attempt something very new and daunting for me.
I wore socks and sandals.
Yep shock horror! I never thought I'd be someone who would attempt this look but I thought why the heck not?! I played it safe with white flatforms and frilly white socks as I wasn't sure how I would be able to pull off this look as it's so frowned on usually.
But then I thought.. who cares?! If I want to wear socks that poke out at the front of my shoes and have lacey frills dancing around my ankles then I WILL.
 If you're inspired by a style then whats the harm in trying it?! You never know it might be your new 'thing' that you never discovered looked so darn good on you.
So that's exactly what I did!
I did get a few odd looks from passers by in town but that may of been the fact I struggled to walk in my flatforms when approaching uneven pavements..

Shirt- Topshop       Leggings- ASOS        Flatforms- Topshop     Necklace- H&M



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