Stripey Crop

Strikin' the pose.. Looks a bit like a horror movie doesn't it? Someone just casually pulling me by the hair. ANYWAY..


I'm not 100% sure if I've worn this cropped stripey tee before? If not then here it is! A purchase from Topshop once again but as a simple Jersey piece I thought I couldn't go wrong.
I can not get enough of crop tops paired up with high waisted'ness. Hence my outfit choice! I wore my all too familiar vintage Joni jeans and went for a very laid back look with frilly socks and faux converse.
I feel that socks rolled up and trainers/converse really emphasize the casual flair to an outfit and create a very easy going look. They also keep on the girly side especially if you add lacey or frilly socks!  
I also took a photo of my face as I decided to do something a little different as an everyday make-up look. I've got for a little darker eye make-up, just by adding a dark bronze colour to the corners of  my eye lids as well as slightly underneath them. As my outfit was pretty plain and simple I thought I could go a little further with my face?!

T-shirt- Topshop          Jeans- Topshop (Vintage Joni)         Shoes- Primark



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