Painters Shirt

My photography skills are clearly getting worse. You can now see a collage that my friend made for me for my 21st Birthday just making an appearance in the corner because I am waaaayyy too lazy to think about moving it a few inches out of shot. BAD LOU.

The reason for this post being given a name such as 'Painters Shirt' is because the more I wear my oversized vintage denim piece, the more I feel it looks like I am an aspiring artist. Or maybe even Demi Moore in Ghost? I'm just lacking a potters wheel?..
 Never the less, I'm still wearing it proudly! 
I'm a big sucker for anything oversized and when you throw bleached denim into the mix then I'm bound to fall head over heels in love.
This piece is from ASOS and was bought in the sale a few months back now. I feel a denim shirt is so timeless and a big must for any wardrobe! I can't explain how easy they are to throw on whenever you're having a clothes crisis or in need of a super quick and easy outfit.
I then wore my green and navy tartan leggings from Topshop, which have flown out of the stores and online! I've recently managed to get my mitts on a pair for my friends Birthday as I knew she'd had her eyes on mine for so long. I felt pretty chuffed if I do say so myself? My fingers have never clicked the mouse so quickly when ordering online! 
(Had to secure my purchase 'n all!)

Shirt- ASOS          Leggings- Topshop         Shoes- Topshop



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