Mint & Grey

My top somehow turned out looking a merky white colour when infact it's a light minty colour? Not quite sure whats going on with my saturation filter (ohh err check her out with the fancy camera talk!).
So yes, I wore a mint green t-shirt from NewLook, which was bought ages ago but I'm pretty sure can still be purchased or something similar as it was a basic piece.
I then thought I'd be a little daring and show my balcony bra underneath rather than covering up with another top as a balcony bra is pretty much a bandeau.. right?
I also paired up my grey almost checkered effect leggings from Topshop, which I've featured so many times on my blog they're no stranger.
If you've also been a reader from day 1 of my blog's birth then I'm sure you recognize these boot's? I pretty much lived in them throughout last Summer and I have a feeling the same thing may just happen again this year. (Spidey senses are tingling and all!)
They're super easy to pair up with any outfit and I love the fact they have cut out ankle bits! They're adorable with frilly socks!
Finally some pick lipstick for a dash of colour and also looking super Summery! Mmm hot weather..

T-shirt- NewLook         Leggings- Topshop        Boots- Topshop  


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